Types of Education

Types of Education

Education is a slow process that brings positive changes in any human beings behavior and life. One can also define education as a process of gaining knowledge either by studying or by imparting the knowledge using some specified instructions. Education tends to bring a long lasting and a natural change in any individual’s ability, thinking and reasoning to achieve their desired goal. It also pushes us to explore our own  thoughts and considerations thereby molding us to face the outside world.

Types of Education

Education is much more than what takes place in  the classroom. A child receives education from his experiences within as well as outside the classroom. It is basically divided into three types- Informal, Non-formal and Formal education.

Informal Education

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Informal education is spontaneous learning. For example, your parents teaching you how to ride a bicycle or how you could make a simple sandwich. Informal education can also be acquired by reading many books from educational websites or from a library. In this type of education conscious efforts are not required. You do not need any specific learning method for this and can simply be learnt at home, hotel or any other place.

Non formal Education

This type of education includes adult literacy and basic education. This does not come under your school system. This is more of practical and involves learning more of professional skills. Programmed learning and home education falls under this category. There is no age limit.

Formal Education

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Formal education takes place in the classroom. This type of education begins in elementary school and this is where one learns all the academic skills. A set of specially qualified teachers impart this type of education. It is a structured and organised type of system which is pre-planned in a specific manner. They follow a particular syllabus and are subject oriented. Formal education is basically a systematic learning process. They are expensive when compared to other forms of learning.

Education is something that encourages all of us to differentiate between what is wrong and what is right. Without education we wouldn’t know how to distinguish.  In the end we can say that education is also a pathway to progress. Education basically resembles a medium through which all of us can associate with individuals near us or across the globe and share our thoughts and opinion.